Job Opening at the Technology Access Center

Assistive Technology Consultant/Practitioner

• The Assistive Technology Consultant/Practitioner position is a full time position with salary and health benefits. This is an ideal job for someone with basic AT and disability experiences who is looking for hands-on with a wide array of AT devices. Projected salary is $30,000-40,000 range depending on skill levels and previous experience.

Job duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Conduct technology assessments to assist people with disabilities, teachers, employers, and family members to select and acquire appropriate assistive technology (AT) devices
• Teach school personnel, family members, caregivers, employers, and individuals with disabilities to use AT devices
• Conduct set-up, installation, training, and evaluations on-site in the middle Tennessee area, i.e in community schools, in the workplace, or in the home — wherever the technology will be used
• Modify existing AT devices or custom design devices to meet individual needs
• Work with computer and computer related AT devices, environmental control devices and systems, and adapted toys including selection based on individual needs and component compatibility, installation/set-up, and training consumers to use devices
• Develop and submit assessment reports and billing information in timely manner
• Participate in individual education or employment planning meetings when requested for those who receive AT assessment
• Document all contacts with consumers, keeping accurate and thorough records
• Organize, maintain, and disseminate AT information resources and demonstrate equipment
• Provide presentations and trainings about AT


Qualifications include the following:

• Degree in Biomedical Engineering, Special Education, Occupational Therapy or related field — RESNA ATP or other AT credential preferred but not required to start
• Experience working with adaptive computer access and other assistive technology for individuals with disabilities
• Knowledge of information resources pertaining to assistive technology for individuals with disabilities
• Experience with AT required
• IT Training and experience is desirable but not required
• Experience working with individuals with disabilities at school, home, work, etc.
• Experience working with individuals with vision impairments is a plus
• Other: Reliable transportation for self throughout middle Tennessee (with mileage reimbursement) is required


Linda Judeich, Executive Director
Technology Access Center
475 Metroplex Dr., Ste. 301
Nashville, TN 37211

To apply, please send resume to

The Technology Access Center is An Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

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