Donate: ways you can contribute to the mission of Technology Access Center


There are many ways you can contribute to the mission of Technology Access Center. Your monetary and in-kind gifts can make a great difference in the lives of your neighbors who need accessible technology to improve their everyday lives. Likewise, there are other avenues for support that we encourage you to consider.

No matter how you give to TAC, you can be assured your contribution will be used wisely to…

  • To acquire state of the art assistive technology devices and software for individuals to try out and determine if it meets their needs to achieve independence and their goals for education, employment, and community living
  • To help fund salaries for the specialized staff members who must have ongoing training, skills, and a vast knowledge of assistive technology for individuals of all ages and all disabilities
  • To help make individuals with disabilities, their family members, and teachers or other professionals who work with them aware of the availability and benefits of assistive technology

Wondering how to best support our clients’ current needs? Donors are encouraged to contact Center personnel to determine the most immediate needs for donations and to specify how their donation is to be used.

Monetary Donations

To contribute financially to Technology Access Center, simply click here to access

Thanks in advance  for your donation and being a part of making assistive technology services available for all middle Tennesseans to support their independence and participation in education, employment, and community life. As with all nonprofit organizations, the Technology Access Center personnel rely on donations to help meet the needs of middle Tennesseans of all ages with all types of disabilities for assistive technology services.  The members of the Center staff currently generate 99% of the funding each year to provide these services through a federal and state funded grant and a service contract, grants from local foundations, fees for services, and fundraising events.  Although substantial, the funding is far from adequate to provide services for all those who need and can benefit from assistive technology. Donations are needed to both improve services and provide them for more individuals with disabilities in middle Tennessee.

Donations In-Kind: Our Wish List

Thank you for considering the donation physical items we need answer the needs of our clients. Please refer to this Wish List to ensure your contribution is on target for The Center’s priorities.

  • Cellphones:  NO – chargers/accessories
  • Laptop computers:  NO – desktop/tower/monitors, printers, scanners, faxes, modems, keyboards, mouses, DVR’s, DVD players, VCR’, TVs, etc
  • Inkjet cartridges:  NO – bigger than your hand cartridges, NO powder cartridges normally known as Toner
  • MP3 Players:  ONLY – Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune, Sandisk, or Creative
  • Digital Cameras
  • Digital Video Cameras (Camcorders)
  • Handheld Game Systems:  ONLY – Sony PSP handheld, Nintendo Dsi, Nintendo DS lite, Nintendo DS original, Nintendo Gameboy Advance, Nintendo Gameboy Color
  • GPS Devices:  ONLY – Garmin, Mio, Magellan, and TomTom
  • Radar Detectors:  ONLY – Escort, Beltronics, and Cobra
  • E-Book Reader:  ONLY – Kindle, Sony, and Verizon iRex
  • Graphing Calculators: ONLY – TI
  • Gold, Silver, Platinum Jewelry:  NO costume jewelry, plastic, and no gemstones.  Prices based on weight and purity
  • Battery powered screwdriver
  • A banner with the TAC logo
  • A table cloth with the TAC logo
  • Office supplies
  • Full Size refrigerator with a freezer

To get a better description, or explanation of what we need, please contact us today.

Do Good at

Please help TAC raise funds. When you search the internet by using  or make purchases on-line, using, with no additional cost to you; just be sure to type “Technology Access Center-TAC (Nashville, TN)” as your cause.